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PWA- Get Started!

Swiftic now offers you the ability to create an app using Google’s new technology of PWA (progressive web apps)

With PWA, create an app with all the features and functionality of a Native app without the hassle of submitting to App/Play stores.


To get Started: 


  1. Click Create New APP after signing in. 



 2. Name your App and choose not to link a Facebook page or website at the is time. (You will  be able to add them later in the process.

 3. Under the kind of app you are creating, choose- "PWA" and click “Next” 


    4. Be sure to add 1 feature and then the data collection feature.  Click “save” and refresh the  page to view changes made the simulator. (See below) 




    5. Continue building the app to your satisfaction.

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