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Test Your App Before Publishing Using MyDemo (Rev.u)

You can test your app before submitting it to the stores using Swiftic's MyDemo app. This is a great way to try out any change you make to your app—as your users would experience it.


There are two options for using MyDemo to test an app:

SIGN IN OPTION. After you download the MyDemo app to your mobile device, sign in using your Swiftic account credentials. MyDemo displays a list of all apps created using this account and you can test any app from this list.

EMAIL LINK OPTION. We'll send an email (to any address you specify). When this email is opened on a mobile device, one button is tapped to download MyDemo and then another button is tapped to open your app directly in MyDemo. Note: This option is great for allowing an employee or client to review only one specific app, without requiring them to sign in to your account.

To test an app using MyDemo (through sign in):

  1. Download the MyDemo app from the Apple App Store or Google Play on your mobile device or scan one of the following QR codes for the desired store.

    Google Play                                           The App Store

  2. Open the MyDemo app.
  3. Enter your Swiftic account email (used to create your account) and password. Then tap Sign In.

  4. Tap the app you want to test.

  5. Your app is loaded and simulates the native device version of your app (with all the features and functionality available). To reload your app, just shake your device.

To test an app using MyDemo (through email link):

  1. Sign in to your Swiftic account.

  2. Click Dashboard.

  3. Click the Preview and Test Your App box.

  4. To download MyDemo on your mobile device, scan the QR code shown.

    To send an email containing links to download MyDemo and to review this specific app in MyDemo (without signing in), enter the email address and click Send.

  5. The email recipient opens the following email on their mobile device and follows the directions to try out your app.

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