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How Customers Use your Frequent Buyer Club Feature

The Frequent Buyer Club feature allows you to transform your app into a complete rewards program—where your customers earn points to redeem to gift cards for shopping at your business.

It's easy for your customers to join your rewards club and to quickly start earning points for their purchases! 

Learn more about how this feature works. 
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Here's how your customers use this feature:

JOIN. After your customer opens your app's Frequent Buyer Club feature, they click to join your Frequent Buyer Club.

ACTIVATE. They enter their phone number to receive a text message with an activation code and enter the code they receive.

GET BONUS POINTS. They enter their name and birthday and click to start earning points! Upon joining, they are given 10 bonus points to get started.

SCAN RECEIPTS. After they buy something from your business, they scan their receipt. If the receipt is long, they take a few photos. Then they enter the amount of the receipt.

EARN POINTS. Once the receipt is scanned, it needs to be approved. The receipt's approval status is shown as follows:
  (waiting for approval) 

The feature's main page keeps them up to date on how many points they've earned so far. By clicking  in the top right corner, they can return to view the status of their receipts and the breakdown of points they earned.

GET GIFT CARD. Once your customers reach 1000 points, they can redeem their points for a $10 gift card! They can use their gift card in your store at the time of purchase using the 16-digit code on the back.

And if they earn more than one gift card with their purchase, they can simply tap on the middle button  until they get all their gift cards. Then by swiping their finger across the card, they can view the next gift card.

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