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Frequent Buyer Club FAQ

What is the Frequent Buyer Club?

The Frequent Buyer Club is an amazing new feature that allows you to transform your app into a complete rewards program. By rewarding your customers for shopping at your business, you give them a strong incentive to come back to shop again.

How does it work?

After a customer makes a purchase at your business, they use your app to scan their receipt. Depending on the amount they spend, they earn points to get a $10 digital gift card. This gift card, which works like a prepaid credit card, can then be used for future purchases at your business. The card is used by showing your cashier the 16-digit code appearing on the card.

How much do customers spend to earn a gift card?

That's totally up to you! Although the gift card amount of $10 is fixed, you decide the amount your customer needs to spend to earn this gift card. It can be anywhere from $10 to $1000. And how does this work with points? Customers need to earn 1000 points to get a $10 gift card. For example, if a customer needs to spend $100 to earn a gift card, they earn 10 points for every dollar they spend.

Can customers get and use more than one $10 gift card at once?

Yes. Customers get a $10 gift card for every 1000 points they earn by shopping at your business. Let's look at an example. Suppose you decide that a customer needs to spend $100 to earn 1000 points and get a $10 gift card. If your customer spends $300, they'll earn 3000 points which can be redeemed for three $10 gift cards. This means that they'll have $30 in gift cards to use on future purchases.

Who pays for the gift card?

There is no setup fee and you do not have to spend any money up front. When a digital gift card is issued to your customer, we forward the money for this card. The card can then function like a prepaid credit card. Only after the customer uses the gift card at your business, we'll charge you for the amount they used. This payment is processed using the billing information you provide when you add the Frequent Buyer Club feature to your app.

Do gift cards expire?

Yes. Once a gift card is issued to your customer, it must be used within six months. For example, if a gift card is received in 07/15, it expires 12/15.

How do you know the receipt is valid?

After a customer scans their receipt, the receipt is fully reviewed before they can earn any points. For each receipt, we ensure it's from your business, that the amount the customer claims to have spent matches the amount on the receipt and that each receipt has only been used once. Only after the receipt is validated can the customer earn points towards a gift card. Through the Frequent Buyers tab, you'll also be able to see images of all scanned receipts and report to us any concerns.

Are there any additional cost?

You don't need to pay us any money for this service. Instead, you'll give us points that we'll use to bring you more business! So for every point earned by your customers, we'll receive 1/5 of a point (0.2 points). We'll turn these points into more gift cards for your customers to use at your store!

Who can build a Frequent Buyer Club?

A Frequent Buyer Club can be built by any business that accepts credit cards and has a U.S. address.


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