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Analytics Data: Customer Activities

Customer Activities is the analytics metric that shows the number of certain measurable actions users have performed within the app.

This includes: using a coupon, getting a loyalty card stamped, scratching a scratch card, submitting a form, making a purchase, or opening a map.

Total and Trend

The total number for the selected time period appears in blue.

The trend is the percentage change of Customer Activities from the previous time period. It's positive and green for increases, and negative and red for decreases.

For example, if you had 75 Customer Activities in the past month and 34 Customer Activities in the previous month, the number of Customer Activities increased by 119%.


Select to display your graph as a bar graph or line graph.

The bar graph shows the total number of Customer Activities for each feature in the time period you selected.

The line graph shows the total number of Customer Activities for all features for a specific date in the time period you selected.

Hover over any bar or point on the graph to see its details. For example, you can see that there were 106 Customer Activities for the Deals! feature. 



Your analytics data for Customer Activities is broken down by feature and activity type (if you select a bar graph) or by date (if you select a line graph).  

The data is further broken down by platform—iOS devices, Android devices or both (All Platforms). You can also filter this data by country. When the data is broken down by feature, you can filter it according to New Users or Returning Users.

For example, you can see that there were 22 Customer Activities of the coupons used activity type for the Coupons feature.

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