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Use the Frequent Buyer Club Feature

Add the Frequent Buyer Club feature to your app to bring back customers to spend more at your store by creating your own custom rewards program.

How It Works

Customers make a purchase at your business. They use your Frequent Buyer Club feature in your app to scan their receipt. Based on how much they spend, they earn points to receive a $10 gift card. They then come back to your business to use their gift card.

Read the Frequent Buyer Club FAQ to learn more.
See how your customers would use this feature.

Why add this feature?

  • Boost sales by giving your customers an exciting incentive to come back to your business to earn points and use gift cards.
  • Increase app downloads so you can engage your customers using ALL your money-making and loyalty-enhancing features, as well as promotional tools like push notifications.
  • No setup fee or money up front—we front the money for the gift card and you're only charged after the gift card is used for the amount that was used.
  • Create your own custom rewards program just like the big chains—including customized gift cards that display your brand.
  • Personalize offers based on the valuable customer data we give you such as their names, phone numbers, birthdays and buying habits.

To add the Frequent Buyer Club feature to your app:

  1. Sign in to your Swiftic account.

  2. Click Edit App.

  3. In the App Features tab, click + .

  4. In the All Features category tab, select the Frequent Buyer Club feature.

  1. Review How It Works and click Get Started.

  2. Customize your gift card's design:
    • To change your logo (that appears on the gift card): hover over the icon and click the pencil, browse to the new icon image, click Open, use the drag-n-crop tool to adjust the image size and click OK.

    • To change the background image: click (+), browse to the new image, click Open, use the drag-n-crop tool to adjust the image and click OK.

    • To change the background or text color: click the color box, click on the rainbow to choose a color and then click to choose the shade.

    • To change the card layout, click one of the layout options.

    • Click Next.
  3. Choose the amount a customer should spend to get $10 gift card by sliding the blue circle across the line to desired amount. Sliding right increases the amount and sliding left decreases the amount. Amounts can range from $10 to $1000. Notice that when you change the amount, both the percentage rewards on each purchase and the number of points earned on each dollar spent change.

  4. Add a sample receipt: click (+), browse to the image, click Open, use the drag-n-crop tool to adjust the image and click OK.

    Note: Because we'll use this receipt as an example to validate receipts your customers will scan, make sure it's clear and complete.

  5. Enter your business name and your (U.S.) business address. If you have multiple branches, enter your branch name and branch address and click + Add another branch to add more branches.

    Note: The gift card can only be used at the branches you add here.

  6. Click Save & Close.

  7. Change the feature name, or leave it as is.

  8. Click Activate to activate your Frequent Buyer Club feature.

  9. Fill out your billing information and payment method and click PAY NOW.

    Note: You are only charged AFTER a customer uses a gift card in the amount that was used. Even though you're clicking PAY NOW, there is no charge and this only saves the information for later.

Congratulations on adding your new rewards program!
Note: Activation could take up to 3 business days. 

Remember, if you haven't resubmitted your app since June 30, 2015 you need to now resubmit your app for this feature to become available to your customers. Once approved by the app stores, you can track your Frequent Buyer Club.

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