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Create an Apple App Store Paid Applications Contract

If you want to submit your app as a paid app on the Apple App Store, you need to do the following:

  1. Create an Apple App Store developer account.
  2. Pay the $99 annual registration fee to the Apple App Store.
  3. Create a Paid Applications Contract with the Apple App Store. 

NOTE: You need to do all three to sell your app on the App Store.

To set up the Paid Applications Contract:

  1. Sign in to your iTunes Connect account.

  2. Click Agreements, Tax, and Banking.

  3. Under Request Contracts, click Request for the iOS Paid Applications contract type.

  4.  After you review the agreement, check I have read and agree to the agreement presented above and click Submit.

  5. The iOS Paid Applications contract is now displayed under Contracts In Process. You will need to set up the Contact Info, Bank Info and Tax Info.

  6. To set up Contact Info:
    • Click Set Up
    • Click Add New Contact, enter the contact info and click Save.
      Note: Contacts don't have to be iTunes Connect users. Choose appropriate people to address legal, financial or marketing issues that could come up related to the sale of your apps through Apple.

    • Repeat this process to add other contacts.
    • Assign roles to the contacts by selecting their names from the Contact drop down menus. Then click Done.
  7. To set up Bank Info (so Apple can pay you for apps sold):
    • Click Set Up (or Edit if there is already banking info for your organization).
    • You can either select a bank account from the drop down menu or click Add Bank Account to add a new account.

    • If you are adding a new bank account, enter or select the following info: bank country (for your physical Branch), bank code or transit number to specify your bank, and bank account info. Click Next after each step.
      Note: For more information on setting up banking info, click here and scroll down to the Banking section.
    • From the Select a different Bank Account menu, select the new bank information and click Save.
  8. To set up Tax Info:
    • Click Set Up.
    • Complete the tax forms that apply to you and click Done.
      Note: For more information on tax forms, click here and scroll down to the Tax section.


For more information on creating and managing contracts with Apple, click here


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