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New Google Play App Rating System

Google Play's new rating system for apps and games helps Google Play consumers make informed choices and helps enhance app engagement by targeting the right audience for your app content. 

How It Works

The existing rating system includes 4 levels: everyone, low maturity, medium maturity, and high maturity.

For the new rating system, you fill out a rating questionnaire on the Google Play Developer Console. The questions relate to the nature of your apps' content. Based on your responses, Google Play will assign ratings to your app.

For more information, see How Do I Take Google Play's App Rating Questionnaire?

Don't worry—for users who have purchased a Swiftic App Plan, the new ratings questionnaire will be handled entirely by Swiftic upon resubmitting your app. We have all the information we need to ensure your app is rated appropriately. 

The Rating Questionnaire


Apps That Require Completing a Rating Questionnaire:

  • New apps submitted on the Developer Console
  • Existing apps that are active on Google Play
  • All app updates where there's been a change to app content or features that would affect the questionnaire responses

Importance of Completing the New Questionnaire

Complete the new rating questionnaire as soon as possible to prevent your app from being listed as "Unrated". Apps listed as “Unrated” may be blocked in certain territories or for specific users.

The Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement requires your compliance and participation as a Google Play Developer. Apps that aren’t rated using the new rating system may be removed from the Google Play Store.

NOTE: For new apps that haven't been published before, you still need to rate your app using the existing rating system until the new system is available to users. 


For more information about Google Play's new rating system,
click here.

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