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Take Google Play's App Rating Questionnaire

For Google Play's new app rating system, you fill out a rating questionnaire on the Google Play Developer Console. The questions relate to the nature of your apps' content. Based on your responses, Google Play will assign ratings to your app.

Don't worry—for users who have purchased a Swiftic App Plan, the new ratings questionnaire will be handled entirely by Swiftic upon resubmitting your app. We have all the information we need to ensure your app is rated appropriately. 

For more information about Google Play's new rating system, click What is the new Google Play app rating system? or for Google Play's Help Center, click here.


To take your app's rating questionnaire:

  1. Sign in to your Google Play Developer Console.

  2. Select an app.

  3. On the left menu, click Content Rating. Review the information and click Continue.

  4. Type your email address. It will be used for correspondence with IARC.

  5. Select a category and complete the questionnaire.

    • To change any responses after you've completed a section, click Edit.

    • To change your app category, click Edit Category.

    • If you start a questionnaire and want to finish it later, click Save Questionnaire. Each app can have only one draft questionnaire at a time.

    • To complete your questionnaire at a later time: After signing into your Google Play Developer Console and clicking your app, click Content Rating and then click Resume.

  6. After completing your questionnaire:
    • If you haven't saved it yet, click Save questionnaire.

    • Once it has been saved, click Calculate rating.

  7. On your ratings summary page, click Apply rating.



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