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Use the Scratch Card Feature

Add a Scratch Card feature to offer your customers a chance to win prizes, giving them a fun incentive to visit your business.

How It Works

When customers visit your business, they open the Scratch Card feature of your app on their phone. They hand their phone to the cashier who enters a code to unlock their card. They are now free to scratch to win! You can decide what prizes your customers can win and what the odds are of winning each prize.

Here's what your lucky customers could see:

Why add this feature?

  • Make it more exciting for customers to visit your business.
  • Encourage your customers to visit your business by offering them an extra incentive.
  • Give your customers a new reason to download your app.

To add the Scratch Card feature to your app:

  1. Sign in to your Swiftic account.

  2. Click Edit App.

  3. In the App Features tab, click + .

  4. In the All Features category tab, select the Scratch Card feature.

  1. Enter a feature name, or leave it as is. Then click + Create Scratch Card.

  2. Fill in general information about your scratch card:
    • Intro text  can invite your customers with a message telling them why they should visit your business and use this card. They will see this message when they open the scratch card.
    • An Unlock code is automatically generated, which is the code you’ll enter on a customer’s mobile device to let them use the scratch card. On this form, you can leave the Unlock code as it is, click to get a new code, or enter the four-digit code that you want to use.
    • Enter the Card info.

  3. The Lucky Cards area shows you information about the prizes your customers can win. Fill in this section with details for the first prize that your customers could get:
    • Select the Odds that a customer will win this prize.
    • Enter a Prize description that a customer will see if they win this prize.

  4. Choose an Image of this prize:
    • Click in the Image section, and browse to the image you want to use.
    • Use the drag-n-crop tool to adjust the image.
    • Click OK.

  5. To add another prize, click + Add a prize and fill in the details and select an image for this prize.

  6. The Unlucky Cards area shows you information about cards that are not winners. To change the message that a customer will see if they don’t win a prize, type new text in the Message box and add an image.

  7. To finish creating your scratch card, click Add
  • After you finish editing your App, remember to click Save on the top right corner.

  • Note: After creating a scratch card, you must resubmit your app to the stores to let your customers access the scratch card.
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