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Understand the Data Included in Your Analytics Digest

The following table describes the data fields which may be included in your bi-weekly analytics digest:

Field Description
New users Number of times your app was opened for the first time on each mobile device (i.e, iPhone, Android tablet, etc.).
Monthly active users Number of times the app was used.
Mobile store payments Number of times a payment was made (not the amount that was paid).
Loyalty card stamps Number of final freebies claimed.
Mobile coupons used Number of times your customers used in-app coupons. 
Note: This does not necessarily reflect the physical redemption of the coupon in the store.
Forms submitted Number of times that the Submit button was pressed at the end of each form, regardless of the type of the form. This includes inquiry, contact us or any other forms.
Most popular feature Your app's feature that was opened the most times.
In-app calling Number of times users tapped a Call button in your app. 
Note: This does not necessarily reflect the actual calls made.

In your analytics digest:

  • PAST 2 WEEKS: 14 days back from today
  • PREVIOUS 2 WEEKS: 15-28 days back from today
  • TREND: percentage change from the previous 2 weeks to the past 2 weeks (positive for increases and negative for decreases)

    For example: 

    In the past 2 weeks, there are 28 more new users than the number of new users in the previous 2 weeks. This represents a 22.22% increase in the number of new users.
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