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Use the Shopify Store Feature

Add your Shopify Store feature to import products from your Shopify store.  

Why add this feature?

  • Increase sales by letting your customers conveniently make purchases directly through your app.
  • Import products from your Shopify store to your app to let customers browse and make purchases.
  • Streamline your sales and your bookkeeping by increasing online sales from your Shopify store.

Before you begin, make sure that:

  • You have a Shopify store account. 

To add the Shopify Store feature to your app:

  1. Sign in to your Swiftic account.
  2. Click Edit App.
  3. In the App Features tab, click + .
  4. In the All Features category tab, select the Shopify Store feature.

  5. Enter a feature name, or leave it as is.

  6. Enter your Shopify store URL.

  7. Click Import Store.

  8. Enter your Shopify credentials and click Log in.

  9. Click Install Swiftic to enable the application to access and modify your store data. 

  10. Click Edit Store Information to edit your store name or image:

  11. You can can choose to show or hide specific collections, by clicking on the eye icon:

  12. You can change the order of your collections, by clicking and dragging the collection.

  13. Define your feature background:
    a) Click (+) in the Background section.
    b) Click (+) and browse to the compatible images for smartphones (640px X 960px) and tablets (2048px X 1536px) respectively, and click Open
    c) Use the drag-n-crop tool to adjust the image.
    d) Click OK.
    e) Click OK.

  14. Click Save.
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