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Get to know the redesigned app editor

We've updated our interface! Read this article to get to know our new and improved platform.

This article covers the following topics: General Layout, Top Menu, Side Menu, My Apps Page, Dashboard, App Editor, App Editor Tabs, Adding App Features, Saving Your Changes, Rearranging App Features, Hiding or Deleting a Feature, On Screen Help.

General Layout

Top Menu

The top menu lets you manage your account, choose which app to work with, or access helpful information. From the top menu, you can access the following:

Field Description Image
Swiftic Click this logo to open Logo.png
Your account Open your app home page, access your account settings, or sign out of your account.
My Apps Open an existing app or create a new one.
Support Open Help, Tutorials, or our Blog
Language Change the display language.

Side Menu
The side menu is app specific, and lets you access any of the pages for working with an app. You can choose from these pages: 

Page Description
Dashboard Monitor the status of a specific app. 
Edit App Add content to your app and define your app's design and layout. 
Manage Manage your Forms, Coupons, and Live-Albums.
To Market Submit your app to the marketplaces.
Analytics View key insights and statistics about your app users.
Promote Attract more users by getting more exposure for your app.
Push Notifications Increase engagement by sending push notifications to your app users.
Marketing Genie Promote app discovery and attract new users.
  • Note: You cannot access the side menu from the Home page. 

My Apps Page

After you sign in to your Swiftic account, you are directed to the My Apps page. Here you can monitor your apps and mobile sites, and view your overall app statistics.

You can access the My Apps page from the top menu by:

  1. Clicking your account drop-down menu, OR

  2. Clicking directly on My Apps


Use an app's Dashboard to monitor the overall status of that specific app.

There are three ways you can access an app's Dashboard:

  1. From the My Apps page, clicking Dashboard.

  2. On the top menu, choosing an app from the My Apps menu.

  3. On the side menu, clicking Dashboard.

App Editor

Add content to your app and define your app's design and layout.

There are three ways you can access the app editor:

  1. Clicking Edit App on the My Apps page.

  2. Clicking Edit App at the top of the app's Dashboard page.
  3. Clicking Edit App on the side menu.


App Editor Tabs

The app editor has two tabs: 

Adding App Features

To add features to your app, click either of the two + icons or
+ Add Feature in the App Features tab:  


The available features are then displayed, grouped in tabs by category. From the All Features category tab, you can search for an app feature.

To add one of the available features to your app, click the feature's icon.

Saving Your Changes

To save your changes, click Save. (Note: If you exit without clicking Save, your changes will be lost.)

To undo all changes made since you last saved, click Discard.

To exit the app editor and return to the Dashboard, click Done Editing.


Rearranging Your App Features

You can rearrange your app features by clicking and holding the upper part of a feature icon, dragging it to the desired location, and releasing it.

Hiding or Deleting a Feature

If you want to remove a feature from your app, you have two options:

  • Hiding it temporarily to prevent users from accessing it.
  • Deleting it permanently to remove it and all its content from your app.

To hide a specific feature, click on the feature’s icon, and click the eye icon.

Once a feature is hidden, you can make it reappear in your app. To make a hidden feature reappear, choose the desired feature, and click the eye icon. 

To delete an app feature and all of its content, choose the desired feature, and click the trashcan icon.

On-Screen Help

To turn the on-screen help on and off, click the ? icon.

To view on-screen tips, hover over the blue dots:


Make sure to check out our updated Help Center for more articles.

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