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App Rejected: Insufficient Content

Apple has a highly selective review process which aims to ensure that all apps that appear on their store are top notch in terms of content, usability, and look and feel.

In order for your app to meet Apple's standards for approval we suggest that you enrich your app content and incorporate native iOS functionality. Apply the following recommendations to increase the likelihood of your app being approved by Apple, as well as to enhance your app users’ experience.


  1. Log in to your Swiftic account.
  2. Click Edit App.
  3. Add a variety of pages, including:
  4. Add features which incorporate native iOS functionality (very important for Apple approval):
  5. Click Save.
  6. Depending on the changes that you made, you will either need to update or rebuild your app:

    • Click Update Changes


    • Click Rebuild.
  7. Click Resubmit for each of the relevant stores. 

    Note: We cannot guarantee that any of the suggestions above will ensure your app's approval by Apple, but it will reduce the chances of rejection.
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