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A to Z of Submitting Your App to the App Stores

You've created an awesome app, and now you're ready to share it with the world. Here's a clear and helpful overview of the whole submission process.

Important: The option to submit your app to the app stores is available only to users who have purchased a Swiftic app plan. If you have purchased a plan, we also offer a full submission service. Let our team do the heavy lifting of submitting your app to the stores!

Whether you want to submit your app on your own or let us do all the work, there are basic steps required by all users to get started.

Your Basic Submission Checklist

  1. Buy a Swiftic App Plan.
    Learn more about our Mobile Success Plans.
    Learn more about what you get from purchasing a plan.
    Learn more about how to activate your app.
  2. Open Developer Accounts (Apple App Store and Google Play).
    Create an Apple Developer Account.
    Create a Google Play Developer Account.

  3. Pay the Registration Fees (to the app stores).
    Apple App Store charges an annual fee of $99.
    Google Play charges a one-time fee of $25.

  4. Extra Step for Paid Apps (if you want to sell your app as a paid app).
    Create a Google Wallet Merchant Center Account.
    Create an Apple App Store Paid Applications Contract

For Swiftic to submit your app for you, open a submission request:

To submit your app on your own to the Apple App Store:

  1. Create an app build. This process involves these steps:
    • Create an Apple developer account (if you haven't already).
    • Create and upload an iOS distribution certificate.
    • Create and upload an Apple Push Notification services (APNs) certificate.
    • Create an Apple App Store build.
  2. Submit your app to iTunes Connect.
  3. Upload your app to iTunes Connect using the Application Loader.
    Note: You need a Mac computer to complete this step.

To submit your app on your own to the Google Play store:

  1. Download your app's APK file.
  2. Submit your app to Google Play.  
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