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Why You Can't See Your Changes

Any changes that you save to your app are applied globally and are sent to all your app users at once. This process can take between a few minutes and up to four hours.

If after 4 hours you still do not see your changes, try:

  • Closing and reopening your app
  • Clearing your mobile browser cache (iOS) or your app cache (Android)
  • Go to your app's dashboard, check if one of the following messages are displayed and if so, do as follows:

    • Update your changes so users get your latest content

      Click Update Changes

    • ​​Rebuild your app so users get your latest content. See When do I need to rebuild and resubmit my app to store? for the complete list of changes that require an app rebuild.

      a) Click Rebuild.

      b) Click Resubmit for each of the relevant stores. 
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