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When You Need to Rebuild and Resubmit Your App to the Store

You need to rebuild and resubmit your app to the app stores in the following cases:

  1. If Swiftic releases a new version, you will receive a notification on your app’s Dashboard and you will be prompted to rebuild and resubmit your app to the relevant store.
  2. If you apply changes to your app's:
  • App icon
  • App name
  • Splash Screen
  • Screenshots
  • Description

All other changes that you apply to your app only require an update.

Note: Once you resubmit your app to the app stores, the changes will not appear immediately due to the app store review process and caching issues. Your existing app version that has already been approved and is currently available in the app stores will remain in the stores as is, until the new version that you resubmitted is approved.

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