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Add Photos to your LiveAlbum (You or Your Users)

You or your users can only add photos to your LiveAlbum from the native version of your app. This is the version that is installed on the mobile device (you cannot upload photos from Web-apps).

Before you begin:

For users to add photos, your app must be installed on their mobile device.

To add photos to your LiveAlbum:

  1. Open your app on the mobile device.

  2. Select an album.

  3. Press the camera icon.

  4. Select Take Photo to take a new photo, or select Choose Existing to choose an existing photo from your mobile folder.

  5. (Optional) Apply one of the color effects and add a caption.

  6. Press post.
  7. The first time that you post a photo, you are required to authenticate using Facebook. Press OK.

  8. A message requesting permission to post on your Facebook is displayed. Click OK to confirm, or Skip

  9. Congratulations, your photo is uploaded to the LiveAlbum. 

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