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Cancel Your Purchased App Plan

Don't see how your app adds value to your business? 

We've helped thousands of small businesses use their app to grow their business and build customer loyalty. Your customers can use your app to browse and even BUY your amazing products and services—through features like Store, Food Delivery, and Catalogs. Use our Coupons, Loyalty Card, and Scratch Card features to entice your customers to keep coming back. We have all the right ingredients—just let us know how we can help! 

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Having difficulty getting your app on the app stores? 
You can't start reaping all the benefits of your app until you get it on the app stores. The good news is—we offer FREE submission assistance to all members who have purchased an app plan. Our hassle-free publishing means we do ALL the work to get your app on the stores and into your customers' hands.

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Don't have time? Want a professional to do it for you? 
Our Hire a Pro service provides professional assistance in creating, designing, marketing, and/or managing your app for you—by a trusted and qualified Swiftic Partner. Using their extensive experience, knowledge and marketing expertise, they can customize and manage your app to maximize value for your business.

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If you still want to cancel, here's what you should know:
Just Email us to with all your app details (app name, your Email address and reason for cancellation) and we'll start the process.
Please note that once you cancel your app plan, your app's content will be blocked for any new and existing users.
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