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Submit Your App to Google Play

Time to get your app in the stores and into your customers' hands. If you'd like us to do all the work for you, use our free submission services. Otherwise, keep reading to learn how to do it yourself.

Before you begin

  1. Create a Google Play developer account 
    (and pay Google the $25 registration fee).
  2. Create a Google Wallet Merchant Center account
    (if you want to submit your app as paid).
  3. Download your app's APK file

To submit your app to the Google Play store:

  1. Click here and log in to your Google Play account. 

  2. Click All Applications and then click + Add new application.
  3. Select your Default language, enter your app Title.

  4. Under Store Listing Tab: Complete all the fields marked with an *                                       

    Don't worry about the content rating field as you will answer that in it's own tab. 

  5. Add Screenshots and app icon by clicking "Browse Files" and the + button

    Be sure to add the screenshots in the correct sizes as shown below for Phone, Tablet, Icon and Feature Graphic


    6. In the last field of the store tab please be sure to add the following Privacy Policy link:   
    (Be sure that you have saved up until this point) 

    7. Next, click the "app release" tab and select "manage" under production.1.png8. Next Click on Release and choose Opt-out under app signing as shown below:


9. Now choose to upload the APK file which you downloaded at the beginning by selecting browse.  

10. If you are updating an existing app feel free to add a brief description at the bottom under what's new in this release? & Clicking Save

11. Next Under Content Rating Tab click Continue

12. Input your email address and confirm. 

13. Under app category select entertainment as show below:


14. Next begin the questionnaire. 
     - If you want the app rating to be E for everyone, answer NO to all the questions.

     - Once completed click Save then Calculate rating and then finally Apply Rating.   

     - If done correctly, you should see the image shown below: 


 15. Next, select the Pricing & Distribution tab.

 A. Choose your app's price by either selecting Free, or Paid. To list you app as a paid app, you must add a merchant account to your Google Play Account. 
Note: Once you select and save your app as free, you can't change the price.

B. Select the Select All Countries check-box to enable users in all regions to access and download your app, or select specific countries from the list.

C. Under Primary Child Directed and Contains Ads be sure to check NO

D. Under Consent be sure to check the boxes for Content guidelines and US export law and Save. 

  16. Lastly select the App Release Tab again and click on Edit Release

       -At the bottom click Review

       - Finally click Start Roll-out to Production and then Confirm as shown below:  

Congratulations your app is now pending publication. Within several hours, your app will be available on the Google play android marketplace. Keep posted for any communication via gmail. 

To remove your app from the marketplace:

  1. Click Published.

  2. Select Unpublish this app.
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