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Add Content to Your App

Make your app more attractive by adding rich content to your app. 

Adding features (see example below) enables you to offer your users more engaging content. 


To add features to your app:

  1. Sign in to your Swiftic account.

  2. Click Edit App

  3. Welcome to the mobile app editor. This is where you create and edit your app:

  4. Click the App Features tab.

  5. Click either of the two + icons or + Add Feature to display the available features:  

  6. The available features are displayed below. 
    Note: The features are grouped by category and you can navigate between all of the category tabs. Alternatively, click All Features to display the complete list of features. 

  7. Click on a feature to add it to your app. You can then fill in all the details for that particular feature. More information on each specific feature is available in the Edit My App section of this help center.

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