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Use the Contact Us Feature

Add the Contact Us feature to enable your users to easily contact you. 

Why add this feature?

  • Make it easy for users to get in touch with your business.
  • Connect with users by making it easy for them to reach you.
  • Provide a variety of contact information, so users can get in touch with you through your website, by email or phone, or via your street address.

To add the Contact Us feature to your app:
  1. Sign in to your Swiftic account.
  2. Click Edit App.
  3. In the App Features tab, click + .
  4. In the All Features category tab, select the Contact Us feature.

  5. Enter a feature name, or leave it as is.
  6. Provide a title, and subtitle.
  7. Click (+) in the Image section, and browse to the image. Use the drag-n-crop tool to adjust the image and click OK.

  8. Enter additional information in the Description field. 

  9. Click on the contact information you want to add, and enter the relevant information:
    • Email: Add one-touch email information. 
    • URL: Provide users with a direct link to your website.
    • Address: Direct users to your location by adding a Google map to your Contact us page.
    • Phone: Add one-touch phone information. 

  10. ​Click Design.

  11. Define your Contact Us feature background:

    a) Click (+) in the Background section.

    b) Click (+) and browse to the compatible images for smartphones (640px X 960px) and tablets (2048px X 1536px) respectively, and click Open

    c) Use the drag-n-crop tool to adjust the image.

    d) Click OK.

    e) Click OK.

  12. Select a Layout to customize the look and feel of your app.
    Note: Not all of the fields are displayed for each of the layouts. 



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