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How to integrate Donate feature to your App?

  1. Go to Web Links in App features section.
  2. In the ‘Feature name’ section, you can change the name of the page, for example - ‘Donate’.
  3. In the ‘Links’ section:
    1. You can change the name of the Cause for which you wish to add Donate feature in the app. For example - ‘Education’.
    2. Now you need to put in the page URL for the cause.

*We suggest using the below 3rd party to set your cause ready-

  1. You can add several causes by clicking on ‘Add More’ button.
  2. Once done, click on Save & Finish.

* there are some 3rd party donation services for free over the net which you can easily integrate to our platform using the “Web Page” feature.

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