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Using Your Web App

Your app web capability allows you to use your app and test changes as you go, and you can do it even without downloading it on the Appstore.


  • No marketplace fee (dev account)
  • No re-submission needed in case of changes 

You can gain access to your web app via direct link

1. To start using your app via direct link:

     1.Sign in to your Swiftic account.

     2. Click Dashboard.

     3. Copy your landing page URL Screen_Shot_2017-08-27_at_2.04.33_PM.png.

     4. Share the link via email, Facebook or SMS.

     5. Open the link on your mobile device

     6. The web app opens in the browser of your mobile device. Try it out!


Add your app to the home-page of your mobile device

In order to enjoy the web-app experience we recommend adding a shortcut to your mobile device home-page.

Note: push feature is not available via web-app


1. After opening the link on your mobile device press the highlighted button at the bottom of the screen.



2. Press the 'Add to Home screen' button


3. Press the 'Add' button on the top right of the screen


4. The app's icon is ready to use on your mobile device Home screen



That's it! your app is now available on your mobile device as a web-app


Good luck!








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